Rich Rivers Bullzeye

Rich River’s Bullzeye is our newest production.  He is definitely a plan in action.  This boy has a lot of oldschool blood up front along with some new blood as well.  His ped is packed with awesome Bulldogges RR Ice Train, Evolution’s Phantom, 3x CH Evolution’s Static, Evolution’s Mambo, Extremes Ali, Ric Ali’s Bruno and the list goes on and on.  we look forward to watching him grow and to continue the Legacy….

Health Testing & Titles

Fully Health Tested: Pending


Bull Breed Coalition

American Molosser Association

American Bully Kennel Club

Rich River's Bullzeye
Rich River's Ice Train
Rich River's Baby Biscuit
Evolution's Phantom
Evolution's Vixen
Evolution's Mambo
Evolution's Vixen
Extremes Ali
Rock and Roll's Lea
CH Evolution's Staic
SBK's Rocsi
CH Evolution's Static
LGK's Black Sunshine
CH Evolution' Static
SBK's Rocsi