About Us

My name is Alfredo Rodriguez, my family and I operate an Olde Bulldogge and English Mastiff kennel located in Arizona. Our #1 priority is the well being of our dogs.  All of our Olde Bulldogges and English Mastiffs are raised as family members and given the best care possible.   We focus on improving the breed with every planned breeding, creating better generations with each passing year.    We are focused on producing a great quality Olde Bulldogges & Mastiffs.  My family and I strive to produce a superior, clean and correct Olde Bulldogge and work to main the integrity of both the English Mastiff and Olde Bulldogge as functional work type dogs, with excellent temperaments, and drive.  All of our dogs bred to be family dogs and excel at many different jobs, whether in the show ring or in canine sports your Rich River Bully will make you proud to be a part of a community of proud Rich River Bully owners.