Ch. All About That Bass

Mbs All About That Bass is a very smart girl. She definitely lives up to her name.  We picked out her name when we picked her up.  The day we went to go see her the song was on and the day brought her home the same song was playing.  I looked at her and […]


Rich Rivers Jubilee

Rich Rivers Jubilee is our spoiled brat of the yard.  She definitely has a sweet spot in all of our hearts.  This girl is a ball of muscle and non stop energy.  This girl has a lot of bone and a super thick neck.  She is always mistaken for a male and can put most to shame.  […]


Rich River’s Baby Biscuit

Rich Rivers Baby Biscuit is the princess of the yard.  She has her mothers attitude and definitely has stolen our hearts.  This girl has beautiful structure.  We definitely look forward to seeing this girl perform in the ring this 2017. Health Testing & Titles Health Tested Registered: Bull Breed Coalition American Molosser Association American Bully […]


Evolution’s Vixen

Evolutions Vixen is a beautiful female.  She is often mistaken for a male.  Vixen is a sweet heart and has  a lot of drive.  This girl has produced some beautiful pups for us.  She is a very special dog and is the momma of the yard.  When she wants something she will find a way of getting […]


Evolution’s Storm

Health Tested


Evolution’s Radio Active

Fully health tested